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Printboy Merch stores are a free, modern way to get your merch into your fans, customers or employees hands without any stress of wasted inventory or upfront costs. You can even charge a commission per and product sold! Printboy merch stores cost your organization literally nothing! Find out more below...


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Watch on our website, Facebook and Twitch and see how printing is done. Did you make an order? You could watch it being printed live!



It's true! Select a few options and we handle all the details and create your merch store for you. From the designs and store creation, to the actual printing and shipping-- sit back and relax your store is created and ready next day!

raise awareness

& raise funds

Most Printboy merch stores take a commission from each product sold. Meaning, your customers help raise funds for your project with each purchase. This is totally optional by the way-- you can keep their cost low by taking nothing, or have the option to take 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% or 25% per purchase!



All the custom products you offer are designed, printed and shipped directly from Printboy. No subbing out, no middle man. Just confidence that your orders will be received with the utmost of quality and in a timely fashion. Choose to have all orders shipped directly to customer or pickup up for free and hand them out at an event!

offer a variety of

quality products

Think about it, normal orders force you have to guess on which products would sell better, which color would customers prefer & not to mention purchase the right quantity and sizes so you're not left with wasted inventory. With Printboy stores, if a particular product doesn't get purchased, it doesnt get printed. No problem, no waste!

dynamic product

pricing you control

Depending on the options you choose, you will get a base price for each product offered in your store. You can choose to offer up to 3 different designs, preferred brand quality and how much commission you want to make per sale. More details on those options are below!

offer more than just

your brand logo

Most your customers want your logo on a tee, but we found when paired with a second design option that also incorporates your logo that sale values nearly triple. Need help with your designs? We do that too & it's included in your store creation (free!)

more than t-shirts

offer everything

With Printboy merch stores you're not limited only t-shirts. Print and offer dry-fit UV tees, hoodies and zip-ups, stickers and car decals, yeti cups and more! Add as much or as little as you'd like. Offer a racerback tank in 3 different colors, the choice really is yours.

choose your


You're not limited to only standard brands. You can offer premium brands like, District, Next Level & American Apparel. While different brands affect base prices, which brand you choose is subjective and all brands are printed with top quality.

order fulfillment

and timeframes

Most stores run with a countdown attached. We have found in our experience that the fear of missing out effect is real and drives sales substantially. You control how long to run your store, we fulfill all orders once store order date has passed. Products are in your customers hands typically in 1-2 weeks from store closing.

quick & easy

commission payouts

Once a store closes and all products are printed and shipped by Printboy, you will get an option to cash out your commission you earned from each product from you store. You can receive funds via check, Paypal or Venmo. You can also use your funds as a credit for one of our services at a discounted rate.

create a store in 3 steps

step 1

Choose # of designs to offer

Keep it simple and offer one design on a few products, or up to 3 designs on dozens of products.

step 2

Choose your brands

We offer three levels of brands. Good, Better & Best. Good is typically Gildan, Better being District Threads & Best would include Next Level, American Apparel & Bella. Remember brands are subjective, we only lay them out this way due to their costs comparatively.

step 3

Choose Your Commission

Keep your product prices as low as possible or choose to take up to 25%. There is no right or wrong choice here, dependent on your demographic and who knows your demo better than you?